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As a chef with more than 23 years in the hospitality industry,

an apron has always been a part of my daily wardrobe.

In our world,there's a traditional importance

attached to an apron.Handing someone an apron is a beautiful

sign that you care and want to protect them—not just their clothes

but also their spirit.

At Nina Aprons, we create aprons in different styles to fit your

unique needs.

Whether you're a weekend baker, a daily waiter needing extra pocket space, corporate events, catering company or a new restaurant we have the perfect apron for you.

This exciting venture began during the middle of COVID-19, a time I will always remember as a new beginning. For me, COVID-19 marked the turning point of knowing self-worth and stepping out of my comfort zone to help others. Over the past couple of years, we have offered employment and support to other chefs retrenched during the pandemic.

We chefs know aprons, and I am thrilled to share our passion with you.


Let a Tailor Nina apron become part of your household / event or establishment .



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