I am Nina, to friends and family. At work I am Chef and at home I am wife, a mom and a Makoti. Being in the hospitality industry as a chef for more than 23 years, an apron has always been part of my daily wardrobe.


There is a traditional importance attached to an apron. Handing someone an apron to wear, is a beautiful sign that you care, you want to protect them. “Not just the clothes they are wearingJ”

We make aprons in different styles to fit & suit your needs. If you the weekend baker, daily waiter and need some extra pocket space, or the Executive chef that needs something comfortable…we have it!

This is an exciting venture which happened in the middle of Covid. For me Covid will always be remembered as a “new beginning”, the “turning point of knowing self-worth” and “taking the first step from your comfort zone and helping others "

In the past couple of months we managed to past time employ and support other chefs that were retrenched during covid. We chefs know about aprons !

I am excited to share this with you, let a Tailor Nina apron become part of your household. Welcome us to your home, or send us to a loved one.

The range is so versatile…wear it at a braai, show off at cultural ceremonies, serving a romantic breakfast or just cooking that special dish you tasted while traveling to an exotic country. We got you covered! – Nina

Meet Nina