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The saying goes can live on bread alone....

Johan and his partner started BROOD in the middle of the lockdown. From humble beginnings, but they had a vision and perseverance .

"With the pandemic and all that went on with it, I had to make a decision to either work at the hotel and the government pay me TERS.

I couldn't even cover my bills, working for ourselves seemed the way to go. During lockdown we started baking sourdough bread and tried selling them to locals, well here we are 6 months later and we have a registered business and have a few outlets and a ever growing private customer database. We have a range of sourdough products available please see contact details below. "

Think outside the box, find ways to challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and grab the bull by the horns. There is more to life than just becoming another covid effected job loss statistic. Be innovative, you can do it.

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