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Chris is an Executive Chef on River Cruises. End of 2019 he suffered a major stroke, that had a huge effect on his health. But that didnt stop him! "THE show must and will go on… you decide! You can sit down and moan about what happened but its up to yourself to change it. I worked my way up from literally “half vegetable” to a walking upright human being. I had setbacks and I had thing not working out the way I wanted them to work but thats life. You do not always get the cherry. And this is the time when i started to think like a Chef again. If it does not work out… change the way you do it. My girlfriend Jesse was my biggest motivation when times were tough" Physical health is just as important as mental health. You need to slow down and check sometimes if you still sailing in the right direction #tailorninaaprons #tailornina #thepeoplebehindtheaprons #motivation #dedication #familysupport #chefshealth #cruiselife

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